Using Shortcode, Overview of pictures, please put the name from the member too

Please is it possible to add the buddypress member-name to the picture-overview ( when i use the shortcode to show all pictures) !

Whould be nice, when other people can see from which memeber is the uploaded picture in the overview.

And please, put a link to the member profil-page.

Would be nice under the picture, a blue underscore line with the member name and when you klick on the name you rederict to the profilsite from the member.

Hehe, nice suggestion franksenftleben :slight_smile:
Look like we need to create another facebook with rtMedia + WP. :slight_smile:
We will think about this. Adding this in our feature list.


I think I had put in a request somewhere for this as well :slight_smile: +1 for me
We would love to see the username on the following (our members love to see who posted beside the photos)
~Gallery Shortcode Sitewide activity page Photo/Name of Photo/Username
~Lightbox PopUp should look like “name of media” by “username” (date would be nice as well)

Thank you :slight_smile:

We are collecting such good suggestions for you lovely supporters of rtMedia. Our team will think on it :slight_smile:


Please put the name of the member to the photo overwiew, because some of my members ask my everyday for this

This has been implemented in the latest version on rtMedia.

You can also check out rtMedia-Pro edition -> It has a lot of cool features and widgets.