Using Nginx Helper, doesn't purge, log says "currently not cached"

I have the Nginx Helper plugin installed, but it is not finding the cache files to purge. The log is full of entries saying it “checked for file:” and shows a file that doesn’t exist. It is looking in the correct cache location, and there are cached files there, but not he ones it’s looking for.

I am using the “Delete local server cache files” method, not the default “Using a GET request”, because that requires installing the ngx_cache_purge module, which on my Centos server would require recompiling nginx.

In any case, I do have the default nginx cache options (levels=1:2) and (fastcgi_cache_key “$scheme$request_method$host$request_uri”) set up on the server, as the plugin’s instructions say.

Why is it looking for cache files that don’t exist, and not the correct ones?

Thanks for any help!

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