Using IP to access site while migrating

Hey guys!

So, I’m completely new to EE (and also docker) but I decided I would give it a try on one of my current projects.

What I need to do:
I would like to create a WP site on a DigitalOcean droplet which I’ll prep to be the new home of an existing WP site - meaning I would like to set everything up and then point the domain to it. For this I need to be able to access the EE WP via the droplet IP for the time being.

My situation:
No matter what I try I’m greeted with a 503 from NGINX. I’ve had no luck searching the EE documentation and my attempts to create a redirect / listen / change server_name in the custom NGINX conf have all failed so far. Googling has only provided my with solutions relevant to V3 which seems not to use docker and instead relies on the usual sites-enabled way of configuring things with which I am familiar - but I couldn’t really apply any of it to V4.

Of course, if I site create a WP and set the name to the IP address of the droplet I can access it with no problem - however, I think this is a very bad workaround seeing as I will have to change literally everything once I do point the domain to it.

Any help would be truly appreciated and I’m very sorry if I’ve missed something obvious in the docs.


The solution is to edit your hosts file and add a local dns entry for your site with the new ip of the drop let. And then setup everything make sure everything is working . Once it is confirmed,change the a reord to point to the new site