Using InspireBook and rtMedia with Buddypress: images are huge, blurry and cropped badly

The images that my Buddypress members have uploaded are too big, quite blurry and cropped in awkward places (for example with the head cut off). I’ve tried uploaded a good quality image myself and the same happens so it’s not the users’ fault.

Any advice please?

It’s a weekend so most of the rtcamp folks are away, I’ll try to help if I can. I’m just a normal user of the plugins, like you.

Go there, and check the image sizes. For the types that have the terrible cropping, uncheck Hard Cropping.

Here’s my settings, that work really well with most themes:

Hope this helps!


Hi @matthewe,

As @illusionsglass suggested, you can disable crop option for medium size image which is used to display media in activity stream.

For more information you can refer documentation link ->

Thank you @illusionsglass for your great contribution in community forum :smiley:

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