Using gmail as SMTP server, what about SPF, DKIM, and so?

Hello there,

I have issues on mails i send through my smtp server. So, i checked on the enormous internet, and found this article :

But, i wonder, if i use it this way : how should i configure my DNS SPF record ? Who should crypt my mails with DKIM ?

Any thoughts on this ? Thanks for any help. Olivier.

You can use openDKIM with postfix. I used a socket connection on localhost instead of a unix socket (file system).

I referred to these articles when I set it up on my server.

in addition to the comment above, use - it will tell you what are the missing entries. You can edit those, right?

Thanks for your answers. I think i melt every aspect of this issue. I’m not good at postfix configuration, and mail servers configuration in général, but i swear, i’m trying to improve :wink:

So, first thing first : i have a google account, on which i setup an email address (only to send emails, not receive some) from my own domain (let’s say for example : So, in the gmail account, i setup en external SMTP server : Server = (which leads fine to my server’s ip), user and password as a linux user i created on the server who can send mail. But, when i try to send mail from this address, i get an error on gmail : Unspecified error (SENT_SECOND_EHLO) : Smtp server does not advertise AUTH capability.

What would be the correct configuration, in postfix, to allow Gmail to connect to port 25, and send mails through my server ?

Thanks for this first step, if you’re still in after that, 'ill ask you a LOT more questions :wink: