Using ffmpeg add on: .mov files uploaded do not play on android phones

I have a site using buddypress and rtmedia and the ffmpeg add on for rtmedia. I uploaded a .mov and expected it would have been transcoded properly but I can not play the video on Android phones at all,the video never starts the loading spinner gif just appears infinitely. Am I missing something? Is there additional setup that needs to take place in order to turn .mov files into something readable on android devices like a properly encoded mp4? Please let me know any other helpful info I could provide you for troubleshooting.

Hi Scott,
That’s strange. It should converted to .mp4. Does it converted to mp4 files? You can check it in media library in admin panel.
I just check our demo site -> on my Android phone and is working fine.

Hi Ritesh,
Yes there is definitely a problem. The files are still .mov in my media library, they were never converted to mp4. I checked the media node setup with the “check status” button at rtmedia>settigns>ffmpeg and received the message that “Media Node is installed successfully on your server.” SO I dont understand why the conversion is not taking place? How can we continue to troubleshoot this. Thank you for your help!!!

Hi I wanted to see if I could continue with getting assistance on my post here which hasn’t been updated on my last inquiry…so ffmpeg is not converting my videos at all. The check status button tells me that media node is properly configured. How can I troubleshoot this? Does the ffmpeg add on require more setup than turning it on to start encoding videos? It’s COMPLETELY NOT WORKING for me at all mov files I upload are still mov files in the media library PLEASE HELP!

Hi Scott,
Apologies for your inconvenience.
Can you send SSH credentials and admin access to so that we can check the issue.

Ritesh I just sent you ssh and wp login credentials to your email. Thank you let me know if you need anything else to troubleshoot this.

Hi Ritesh did you make any progress on figuring out why my ffmpeg setup is not working? Thank you!

Hi Scott,
I got your mail. I will look into the issue now.

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