Using EE for Drupal - Error in cropping thumbnail images

Whatsup guys. I installed Drupal with EE and everything has worked out smoothly. I used the command: ee site create --mysql --php7 --letsencrypt

And then just proceeded the setup by connecting the database generated to the Drupal installation.

The only problem I seem to be getting is that my images are not being cropped correctly into thumbnails once they are uploaded. I’m referring to the small, medium and large automatically generated sizes. Thus my pages are displaying the alt text instead of the images.

If anybody could give a hand as to how I could fix this or if someone has more experience as to how to properly configure EE for Drupal, that would be great.

Hi Enrique,

The thumbnails are generated on the fly by the styles module.

Try adding:

// Allow styles to work $conf[‘image_allow_insecure_derivatives’] = TRUE;

To the end of the settings.php in your sites/default directory

Hey man,

Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to clarify that I’m using Drupal 8.

So I added to the code to my settings.php and the thumbnails still weren’t being displayed. I also tried adding it before a new Drupal installation and got the following error:

Notice: Use of undefined constant ‘image_allow_insecure_derivatives’ - assumed ‘‘image_allow_insecure_derivatives’’ in require() (line 790 of /var/www/

require(’/var/www/’) (Line: 122) Drupal\Core\Site\Settings::initialize(’/var/www/’, ‘sites/default’, Object) (Line: 1052) Drupal\Core\DrupalKernel->initializeSettings(Object) (Line: 271) Drupal\Core\DrupalKernel::createFromRequest(Object, Object, ‘install’, ) (Line: 421) install_begin_request(Object, Array) (Line: 114) install_drupal(Object) (Line: 44)

I also tried searching for the Styles module for Drupal 8 but it hasn’t been ported, it’s only for 7 and 6. Maybe it’s built in core now?

Any help would be appreciated.