Using EE as one Installation with html directory?


Hi everyone! I apologize if this has been already been posted - I just couldnt find it! I’m running into an error once i have a site ready after using EE. I’ll paste below the details:

I got EE to work flawlessly on AWS with elastic IP’s and i’m so close to having a production ready sites on multiple ec2 instances, except … I noticed with one of our smaller sites, I change the CNAME/A Records from one our domains which kinda worked (and has in the past, but with building an AWS WP site from scratch); It did re-direct and kept the domain (but not the subsites or pages) in the address bar?

I.E. ( then clicking on page that should show, but stays I believe making the changes within the registrar is obviously just redirecting the domain only and masked, but when I put in all the correct/needed records, such as the DNS changes, that when I run into the problems that I need to fix.

Is there a way I can use EE as just a single installation instead of needing multiple virtual hosts? When I get ready to go live, I need to change the DNS that AWS provides after an EIP to the domain’s registrar but then I get the “Welcome to NJINX” page. I believe I need to have the main site to be created in the html directory to fix this - at least from past manual migrations this worked.

I tried to move the IP address folder that was created to the html directory and I corrupted everything, even trying to revert ><, blah… so I need to start over - luckily it’s easy with EE (no pun)!

I don’t mind if I need to do a database search and replace after launching a site (IP => domain name) however, it’s the DNS I’m struggling with making the registered domain switch when a site is ready to go live. I really just need one installation of EE per AWS EC2 instance honestly.

Is there a step I can skip or add so my site(s) will function through the html folder only? I’m just a bit lost using EE rather than creating each instance from scratch, but if I can fix this hurdle I’m having, I would love to use EE for each upcoming site!

Thanks so much everyone! I would love to share my results once this is all up and working :slight_smile: - Including 30 different sites with benchmark results using different setups utilizing HHVM, PHP7, and PHP5.6 with each cache option to show (for me at least) the best setup I found thus far per site size.