Users Unable to Post Links w/Images

Our site is using WordPress 4.6.1 w/BuddyPress and rtMedia v. 4.1.8.

Admin account can post links to various pages with accompanying thumbnail and the link appears properly in the activity stream. However, subscriber accounts cannot post links without removing the thumbnail. If the user tries to post the link with the thumbnail, the post simply disappears.

Is this a bug or is this a setting issue? If it’s simply a setting issue, where can the setting be altered to allow subscribers the same ability as an administrator to make linked posts?

Hi Rick,

I just tested the Activity preview on my test website and it worked as expected. It even works on the rtMedia Demo site.

The rtMedia Activity URL preview addon does not have any setting to differentiate between user types (in fact, it doesn’t have any settings at all).

Could you try disabling all other plugins, especially any user role or membership plugins, that you might have and let us know if the problem persists?


Joel Abreo