Users Need Option To Set If Others Can Download Their Media

The download option is a great feature, however some users may not wish for their media to be downloaded. After the admin sets the ability for media to be downloaded it would be a great feature to offer media uploaders, on their end, the option to allow or not allow their media to be downloaded.

Ex: Member (A) may want all their files downloadable while Member (B) doesn’t. The member should be able to set this in their profile or when uploading their files to set each individually. They could later edit the media to change their option.

I think this would be a great enhancement in rtMedia Pro.

@Charla, Nice idea :) Actually we gonna add admin option to allow "Download" button in future but this would be enhancement for that. We will look into this. Again, thanks for the suggestion.

I would also like to see this feature!

Me as well.

This is extremely important. I also would really like to see the ability for users to set if an upload is downloadable. I really believe this should be a priority enhancement.


y: There is a flag in rtMedia Pro to enable downloads. But not a flag for users to set when they submit a new video as either downloadable or not downloadable

Thanks Ben. I do understand that, but I still really feel that the downloadable option needs to be per file for it to be a valuable feature of RTMedia.

I agree, y! It would be a very valuable feature. Not all uploaders want their content being re-downloaded and only streamed.

@Ben and @yonah,
I will discuss this feature request with my team.