Users cannot create new album

users cannot create new media album … only admin can …

Buddypress version 2.0 Rtmedia 3.6.12 site

maybe i should update to wordpress 3.9 ?


I just crossed check on our demo site -> and is working fine. Is there any error in server error log. Also check rtMedia admin setting.

i will check server error log …

rtmedia admin settings are fine


no errors logs

its funny because admin can create albums … no problem …

its only users … but the user does get the message " album created successfully. "

but no album created …

so there is a bug …

it might be something to do with wp 3.9 ? … maybe i should udate to 3.9


That’s strange because it has nothing to do with WordPress 3.9.
Does it work fine with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled?