Users cannot create albums in groups

Hi there.

I am experiencing some trouble with my BP media install. When users try to create albums in groups, they get the error message stating ‘Sorry you cannot create an album for this group’. I try to use the solution in this topic, but...

When i go to admin section of the group, there are no media sub tab, so I cannot select who has permission to create albums.

Please help me out :)

Best regards, Kenneth


In spite of our best efforts, BuddyPress Media on groups doesn't work, as well as it does on profiles.

We are currently revising the core way BuddyPress Media works. Have a look at our roadmap. Once we are done with this, the groups will start working properly.


So does this mean that using version 2.14 (multisite) I should not expect a ‘media’ tab inside groups. This ‘media’ tab only appears on profiles, but not on groups and there does not seem to be a settings to control this.

Is it possible that BuddyPress Media is not enabled for groups in the settings? There is a definite setting to control it.

I just updated to 2.15, looked for how to enable Groups in settings and still can’t find anything.

do I look in Buddypress Media > settings?

I have created super user admin account ( and would appreciate if you could have a look. cheers, Phil

issue sorted. I ran your latest update and I’m now able to enable groups in settings. thank you. :slight_smile:

Some weird js error was hiding the groups setting. The update fixed that. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.