Username on this Forum

Hello, not so excited at my email address being used as a username for this forum (and in my profile slug, etc.) Any way to change that?

Thx a lot, Paul

Hi Paul,

Sorry for issue you have faced.

I changed your username to paulhockley. Not sure how slug will get updated? I will try googling a bit and as a last resort will edit in mysql.

May I know from where did you register? We have network of sites and there are many entry points. There is one point from where user's email address is picked as username. If you can just remember page from where you have registered, we can fix this for future users also (registering using similar method).

Sorry for inconvenience. If you face any other issue, please let us know. rtMedia developers will look into your other thread in morning.

By the way you might be able to change a new username from -

We just added a plugin to this site.

Hello, thx, but I still see @paulhockley in my profile and profile slug :-(

I signed up with my google account btw


We have identified an issue with one of our custom plugin.

We will fix it most-likely today only and update all previously registered users.

Sorry again for inconvenience.


Please check your new profile here -

I think we managed to fix issue for you now. We will write a piece of code and try to automate whole process for other users.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and sorry again for inconvenience.

Thx a lot! That's much better :-)