User profile cover image


One question about user profile cover image:

  1. can we make a default image (or a groups of images random selected and user can pick up) for user profile cover image?

Two problems:

  1. I found that when user visit the user’s profile page, the cover image is always changed. I am using git to backup all contents, and a command to optimise image size. those cover images always showed changes when I execute “git status”. I did not check InspireBook code to find out why, this should be fixed.

  2. “Change Cover” is hard coded in the file, can not be localised by po/mo file.


Hello Hanzhidou,

The group of default images feature is not yet added in InspireBook.

Regarding Cover and Profile photo issue, we will fixed it in upcoming release.


I mean the personal profile default image, not group. I would like to set a nice default image for everyone, currently no cover image is set until the user explicitly set one.

Ok, this feature is not yet added. We will add this feature in upcoming release.