User is REQUIRED to upload minimum 4 rt media photos

Hi there
I use the latest WP and BP an RT media.
I want all users after registering (or while registering on the registration form) to upload avatar photo and to upload minimum 4 rt media photos. And all should be required. Basically if a user becomes member his/her profile should have 1 avatar photo + 4 rt media photos on his/her profile page. How can I achieve that? Any plugins to do that? Or any manual help?
Thanx in advance.

@suzan34, No it is not possible. It requires some custom work.

How about this, is this possible or again needs cstom work or you can just put the code here to make it possible? - I dont want my users to upload videos, but I want them to copy their YouTube video URL and paste it into a text box so that YT video appears in your RT plugin section's Videos tab. Thnx.

@suzan34, Right now it will need custom work as well. Embedding youtube video is in our roadmap. We will start working on it in near future but it will be rtMedia-PRO -> feature.