Use multiple IPs on my VPS with EE

Hello everybody!

I have a question for my vps and wordpress websites, installed with Easy Engine.

In fact, we have bought a VPS SSD2 at We have already set up Ubuntu 16.04 server with easyengine.

We have a website setup on this server for one IP (IP A). We just bought a new IP address ($3.00 per IP address) to be able to set up another website on the same server, with more security, and for geographic SEO purposes. We would like to create a new website on this server for IP B.

How can we add the new IP address to a specific site folder in easyengine ?

Thank you for your help!


Just configure your DNS accordingly and create your new site the same way you always did.

(I’m assuming you already have your secondary IP connected and working.)

I think I’m sharing the same concern/issue as the OP, but maybe I can help get a clearer, more specific answer.

I have one VPS, with 4 IP Addresses. I have EE installed on this VPS. I have 4 Domains, with the DNS of each domain pointing to one of the above mentioned IP Addresses. I will have 4 websites, each available at one of the 4 domains. Each website needs its own “Let’s Encrypt” SSL.

Can a single VPS with EE handle all four WordPress websites? Sure!

Can a single VPS with EE handle all four “Let’s Encrypt” SSL Certificates?

Yes, but don’t just take my word: test it yourself. :slight_smile:

Have been testing this out, for some time. I was simply trying to make sure the OP got as clear of an answer as possible?

Thanks though, for the reply @portofacil