URL rewrite in CDN with redis cache

I am using redis cache in my server, so the URL rewrite to cdn.mydomain.com cannot done by plugins.

I had add sub_filter rewrite from www.mydomain.com to cdn.mydomain.com in /wp-content/uploads.

If I want to rewrite all CSS and JS files only in /wp-includes/ and /wp-content/plugins

What should I add to my nginx domain config?

Thanks. Sorry for my bad English.

Hi @Enterpr1se,

Did you figure this out. I am looking at setting my own CDN up but want to figure out how REDIS works with it first?


You can use redis-cache with a plugin for the CDN.

I’m using the plugin from keycdn “CDN-enabler” and it rewrite the address of all my assets.

Thank’s ill take a look.

Any idea what the best way is to copy my content over to a new server and keep it in sync?

I saw a plugin for this but wasn’t sure if that would work for my needs.

You can use rsync or https://syncthing.net/