URL pagination not working

Hi guys, for some strange reason, pagination is not working on the media page I’ve created on my Buddypress site by using the shortcode [rtmedia_gallery global=“true” media_type=“photo”] on a page.

While http://www.minhascamisas.com.br/wordpress/camisas/ works perfectly, http://www.minhascamisas.com.br/wordpress/camisas/pg/2/ doesn’t (returns a 404 error)

User media pages work perfectly (both http://www.minhascamisas.com.br/wordpress/membro/famarx/media/ and http://www.minhascamisas.com.br/wordpress/membro/famarx/media/pg/2/)

My guess is that happens due to some missing .htaccess config or something like this.

I have already turned off all plugins, changed the theme, the permalink structure but nothing had happened.

Do you have some clue on what’s going wrong?

Cheers from Brazil, Felipe.


Is there any other extra code written on your site for pagination? The same shortcode and pagination works on our demo site http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/shortcode-demo/all-photos-page/.