Url issue

Hi, I try to use plugin. I like that all post should be redirected automatically. Than i got problem www.example.com/?b2w=http://example.blogger.com/2011/07/test-post.html.

I contact HostGator because i find your post about security issue ("Can you please Whitelist the security rules 1434234 so that I can connect remotely for redirects.").

But i still have problem with my redirects. How much time should past from their changes? Or there is some other solution? I am really desperate i cant fix this for few ours and look very easy to set up.

Hi @miller55, If you have already communicated with Hostgator support team. Please go through this link and hopefully it will resolve your current issue.

Thanks a lot for answer. I already saw this post, but i still do it everything again and i still have same issue.

Should i contact Host Gator again, because i transfer everything from blogger and everything working fine except this.

I also found this link on forum about security rules 1434234, 340162, 340163, 900095. I just ask for 1434234. Maybe this question is little bit silly but i am not really good with this.

Thanks a lot again for having time to reply.

Please verify here if your post( [http://www.example.com/?b2w=http://example.blogger.com/2011/07/test-post.html][2].) is still giving 403 forbidden error. If yes then the security rules are not in whitelist.