Urgent -- php5.6 update failed, now nginx appears not to install

Attempted a php5.6 update which failed with some package errors. Did ee stack purge --all and now when doing ee stack install the following occurs

Oops Something went wrong!! Check logs for reason tail /var/log/ee/ee.log & Try Again!!!

Tail of log is below

The following NEW packages will be installed:

liblua5.1-0 libxslt1.1 nginx-common nginx-custom 0 to upgrade, 4 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade. Need to get 3,524 kB of archives. After this operation, 15.7 MB of additional disk space will be used. WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! nginx-common nginx-custom E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes 2015-07-20 12:44:00,227 (INFO) ee : Oops Something went wrong!! 2015-07-20 12:44:00,227 (ERROR) ee : Check logs for reason tail /var/log/ee/ee.log & Try Again!!!

sudo ee stack install --nginx

Fails with similar issue, all other components seem installed, but nginx will not install

I believe this was resolved, as per the recommendation to open the ports in this ticket https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues/560#issuecomment-110263534

hii davidedwards

Could you please tell me which OS you are using ?

I would also like to have the output of :

apt-get update

Hello Again,

This was ubuntu 14.x LTS; the issue was the firewall was blocking the port mentioned in that github post. However, I’m not sure why the initial php upgrade failed, maybe the keys issues.

I’ve resolved the issue now and the site is back up so this can be marked resolved.

Hi @davidedwards Glad to know that your issue is fixed , so I am closing this thread .