URGENT: permalinks not working across multisite

This may be a problem with the domain mapping plugin from WPMU… not sure as I don’t know how to diagnose this. All my sub-domains and mapped domains are showing the primary domain in each site’s permalink settings. This is causing major problems in some sites and not others. (Its strangely inconsistent and as yet I cannot detect a pattern.)

Possible its also a problem with URL rewriting as I’m getting some errors from the WPML language plugin saying that’s not enabled.

if you could share these errors with us, it will help us to know problem.

ERROR MESSAGES: This can be a result of either: WordPress is installed in a directory (not root) and you’re using default links. URL rewriting is not enabled in your web server. The web server cannot write to the .htaccess file

Here’s one I missed:

When WPML accesses http://cre8tives.org//fr/?____icl_validate_domain=1 it gets: HTTP code: 404 (Not Found)

Which makes me think this must be more of a domain mapping problem because cre8tives.org is the main site and the site using WPML is thesharingbros.com.


Try disabling all plugins one by one. if there is issue with any single plugin, contact plugin author.


Hope this will help you

Thanks Harshad,

Found out it was the domain mapping plugin. Latest versions may not be compatible with Nginx (or something else).

Appreciate your help!


Glad to know your issue has been resolved.

Hi @peter1. I’m facing a similar problem with permalinks breaking across the multisite. What version of the wpmudev domain mapping are u on and how did you solve it? surely you will still need a domain mapping plugin.

Hi @abanghazrul if I remember correctly, there was only one specific version of the domain mapping plugin that had the problem. This was quite a long time ago and now I’m just using the latest version and don’t have any problems. Are you up to date?

No. wpmudev has a lot of issues for me. Thus, my resolution was to use the domain mapping plugin from Automattic themselves.