URGENT HELP NEEDED ... Site broken while trying to install ioncube

I was installing ioncube on my server and I accidentally screwed up everything.

To make matter worse I removed and reinstalled php-fpm etc.

Now all I get when i go to my website is 502 bad gateway.

Can anyone help me get my site up? Also will I be able to get my wordpress sites that were running back? I have no backup :frowning:

Thanks so much for your attention and help.


What PHP version you were using with Ioncube? As per my understanding Ioncube not works well with PHP greater than 5.3

Just use follwoing commands to purge php:

ee stack purge php

and install php again

ee stack install php
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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

The PHP version I am running is the one that ee initially installs on the server.

I tried to purge php and it went well.

But when I went to install php again as per ‘ee stack install php’ command, it gave me the following message:

Setting up PHP5, please wait… Downloading GeoIP Database, please wait… Executing service php5-fpm restart, please wait… [ Tue Dec 2 10:43:10 EST 2014 ] Unable to execute service php5-fpm restart, exit status = 254

Thanks once again for your reply. Your valuable inputs are highly appreciated.


it look like there is configuration error in your PHP.

you can check that using php5-fpm -t

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Gaurav… You are AWESOME.

You were absolutely right. I messed up my php configuration file and hence the error. Here’s what happened:

I edited the php.ini file to insert the zend_extension line. However I did it at the end. That line needs to go right at the beginning of the php.ini file. Hope this information helps someone.

Thanks a ton for your timely help Gaurav. God bless you.

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Hi @synergiesunlimi

Glad that your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: