Uploads sent directly to Amazon S3



Is there a way to have all the photos uploaded to a cloud service such as Amazon S3 or Cloudinary? I love this plugin and plan on purchasing some add-ons, but will have to figure out how to send the uploads from users to a cloud service first.

Thank you for your help and assistance, Nicholaus


@nicholaus1221 - There are a lot of Amazon S3 Plugins ( http://wordpress.org/search/amazon+s3 ) in the WordPress repository. You could try them out. Although we haven't tested them out with our plugin, it should work with them.


Thanks for your help, the best plugin I found is the WP2Cloud. I'm also optimizing my images with the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin and that works really well too.

Thanks again,



@nicholaus1221 - Thanks for sharing that :)