Uploads seem to work, but files are not uploaded


As per title. I upload mp3 files to a buddypress group and to my own user profile. The progress bar reaches 100% and a thumbnail is generated. I can browse to the mediafile and see the player. Upon pressing the playbutton I get a 404 error on the file. The file being referenced indeed is not on the ftp-server. What gives?


@filip-van-hoeckel - Could you share the rtMedia Debug info available under the rtMedia Support tab -> http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/support/

Also do the images upload fine? And are you using the Audio/Video encoding service?


I’ve now discovered that the files _are on the ftp-server; it’s just that when debugging I can see the player cannot find the file. I then tried to get to the file directly, that failed as well. I then disabled our site redirection script (we are building this site cloaked), and although the files are there, there’s no way to get to them via browser. Weird…


@filip-van-hoeckel - Could you check if it works by switching to a default theme ( Like BuddyPress Default Theme, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Twelve ) and by deactivating all the other plugins ( except BuddyPress and rtMedia )

Also it would be great if you could share the debug info available under the rtMedia Support Tab in the Dashboard. Check this link for more info on how to get fast and quality support -> http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/support/


Debug Info
Home URL http://www.couleurlocaleschiedam.nl
Site URL http://www.couleurlocaleschiedam.nl
PHP 5.3.27
MYSQL 5.5.9
WordPress 3.7.1
BuddyPress 1.8.1
rtMedia 3.2.7
OS Linux
Imagick Not Installed
GD bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
[php.ini] post_max_size 8M
[php.ini] upload_max_filesize 32M
[php.ini] memory_limit 256M
Installed Plugins Admin Post Navigation door Scott Reilly versie 1.7.2,
Akismet door Automattic versie 2.5.9,
Auto Post Thumbnail door Aditya Mooley , Tarique Sani versie 3.3.3,
Better Internal Link Search door Blazer Six versie 1.2.5,
Broken Link Checker door Janis Elsts versie 1.9.1,
rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress door rtCamp versie 3.2.7,
Buddypress Sitewide activity widget door Brajesh Singh versie 1.1.7,
BuddyPress Translations door The BuddyPress Community versie 1.7.2a,
BuddyPress door The BuddyPress Community versie 1.8.1,
Cimy User Manager door Marco Cimmino versie 1.4.6,
CodeStyling Localization door Heiko Rabe versie 1.99.30,
Custom Content Type Manager door Everett Griffiths versie,
Easy FancyBox door RavanH versie 1.5.5,
Events Manager door Marcus Sykes versie 5.5.2,
GD Press Tools door Milan Petrovic versie 2.7,
Gravity Forms door rocketgenius versie 1.7.11,
Import External Images door Marty Thornley versie 1.1,
Link Manager door WordPress versie 0.1-beta,
Login Logo door Mark Jaquith versie 0.7,
PHP Code Widget door Otto versie 2.2,
Post Type Switcher door johnjamesjacoby versie 1.2,
Recent Posts Plus door Patrick Galbraith versie 1.0.11,
Restricted Site Access door Jake Goldman, 10up, Oomph versie 5.0.1,
Search & Replace door Frank Bültge versie 2.6.5,
Show Current Template door JOTAKI Taisuke versie 0.1.5,
Twitter Tracker door Simon Wheatley (Code for the People) versie 3.3.6,
Unconfirmed door Boone B Gorges versie 1.2.3,
Widget Logic door Alan Trewartha versie 0.56,
WordPress Importer door wordpressdotorg versie 0.6.1,
WordPress Database Backup door Austin Matzko versie 2.2.4
Theme Name Couleur Locale
Theme Version 0.1
Author URL http://nowton.nl/
Template Overrides plugins/buddypress-media/templates/media/album-gallery-item.php,
Total Albums 1
Total Musics 2
Total Photos 9
Total Videos 1

Plugin and theme shutdown is not an option, as we are training editors today. The site is cloaked for now, but should you require access I can set yoou up with a user account.


I can confirm this _does work on our local development server, using a cloned setup.


@filip-van-hoeckel - Since you say that it works on your local development server it should work fine elsewhere too, unless its some server issue. As its a cloned setup on your local server does it have the same theme and plugins activated on it?

If the local server doesn’t have the same plugins activated, I would suggest you to activate them one by one on the local server and check which one may be causing the issue.