Uploading with Shortcode or on Forums doesn't add it to your album

Hi, I am having trouble understanding this, i use the Uploader Shortcode just [RTMedia_Uploader], when i upload by default it should add it to the Wall Posts, but when i upload it doesn’t…

The picture i upload doesn’t show on the Buddypress Albumn’s or pictures and the only way to see it is if i use the gallery shortcode global=true… but shouldn’t the Media tab on buddypress show EVERYTHING you have uploaded? I hope this makes sense…

Hello @Oxeem,

If you are using the [rtmedia_uploader] on any page / post then by default it will consider the context as current post / page.

Try using below uploader shortcode to upload the media under default album of current user’s profile.

[rtmedia_uploader context=profile]

To display current user’s profile media use below gallery shortcode.

[rtmedia_gallery context=profile]

In above shortcode, the context will be profile and context_id will be currently loggedin user ID.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any doubts.