Uploading video not working from MobilePhone?

Hi. When I try to upload pictures from iPhone it works completely fine.

but when uploading af video, It won’t work at all? It only shows a little (INFO SIGN)

Please help

so users can’t add video from mobile or tablets with rtmedia?

That is correct. I’ve now turned OFF the funktion completely.

But Is it possible to embed youtube videoes on the users Wall? So They can share youtube videoes?

It just passed a link, but not showing the video from youtube?

how do we make video clips possible with a mobile phone this is a key feature in instagram facebook and twitter

ok so the one thing that is not working is that when the video is uploaded from iphone it just leaves a thumbnail and no refresh to show the video player …if i manually run the transcoder on the file again from the wp-admin boom it works! …ok another piece of evidence no MP4 file was created when i uploaded the video to buddypress …it did actually just keep the mov file …when i ran the transcoder manually it worked and generated a brand new mp4 file

why is the transcoder not working when the video is first uploaded by user ?

this is what i am guessing might be the reason why this software doens’t work for a bunch of us : from rtmedia support they mentioned needing : allow_url_include=on if this is true that is a big security risk good run down on it here: