Uploading photos not working

Hi I am using the latest version of wordpress 3.4.2 and the latest version of BP and the latest version of BP Media but I can't seem to upload photos with the BP Media tool.

It shows me the upload feature but when I get there the select button does not want to work.

Any suggestions.

The site is www.californiabums.com

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On this site, I am getting many javascript errors, which stops the further execution of javascript and the script that makes that form work don’t even run at all.
Here’s a screenshot of those errors:

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Hi I have the same problem, It happened right after updating wordpress to newer version. link is: http://new.iransa.org.au Any help is appreciated.

Hi @iransa,

I registered on the site to see what the problem was. My membership is pending approval.


Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. Just approved your registration. Thanks.

I still have the problem even though I updated to the latest version of buddypress media, I tried to enable the upload functionality "Check to enable images upload functionality" but I am getting 404 not found error page. Any help is appreciated.


First up, there is are js errors on your site, one from colorbox and another from user widgets.

Also, the plugin you are using is an older version. Kindly update and switch to the default theme. If things work, then you need to get the theme fixed.


Hi @calibums & @iransa It seems like your issue has been resolved, so I am marking this issue as Close. For further issues fell free to visit our Support Forum