Uploading from the home page

I am using this plugin with buddypress. I would like to allow users to post from the home page. The way my theme works, I do not want to make the buddypress activity page the homepage if I can avoid it. Is there a shortcode to put on the homepage to bring the upload button and window the the homepage? I tried [[rtmedia_uploader]] but it doesnt seem to be working. Can you point out what im doing wrong?

Hi @mmaccou,

Can you please explain what issue are you facing with shortcode ?

From the plugin documentation, it seemed like I would be able to use the shortcode [rtmedia_uploader] to be able to upload media from any page on my site. I would like this feature not only on my buddypress activity page (where it is by default) but also on my home page. But when I enter the shortcode on the homepage, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Did i misinterpret the shortcode documentation? Is there a way to be able to make posts from a different page?

Hi @mmaccou,

When you add shortcode, do you get any uploader on your homepage or not? Can you please provide screenshot of your homepage?

When I add the shortcode to the homepage, nothing shows. I do not get the uploader. Maybe I am doingI would expect the uploader to show. _uploader] to the home page on wordpress, I would expect the uploader to show.

What happens if you click the Text tab instead of the Visual tab on the page editor? Does the shortcode still look the same or does it have a bunch of extra characters in it?

Good point. I checked the text tab and there other characters, so I removed them and now its looks like this…But its still not showing the uploader.

What happens if you switch to the 2014 theme and then load that page again?

Ok so If i switch the theme to 2014 and go to the home page, it shows the uploader…but there has to be a solution to be able to incorporate this into my premium theme. The 2014 theme is not a buddypress theme, and much of my site is dependent on buddypress. I’m sure others share my frustration when we are told that certain options are not available just because of the theme we chose/purchased.

If it works with the 2014 theme, it’s not something that is rtMedia’s fault, it’s the fault of a poorly designed theme. There’s hundreds of thousands of themes out there, and quite frankly, most ■■■■. :wink: Building a theme is easy. Building a theme that works requires a delicate talent. Something in the theme you use is not allowing the shortcode to render. That’s a fault of the theme, and something the theme developer has to fix. It would not be a plugin issue. It should be a quick fix, as long as the theme developer knows what they are doing. :slight_smile: Hope it all works out for you!

PS – I’m not a rtcamp worker, I’m just a guy that uses their plugins, too.


I understand it’s not the fault of rtMedia. But it’s still frustrating. I will try to reach out the the theme’s support team and see if they can help. I do appreciate your help though!!

Hi @mmaccou,

I am glad to know that you have figured out actual issue.

@illusionsglass, thanks for your great contribution in rtMedia community, I appreciate that :smile:

@illusionsglass When you tried it on the 2014 theme, did you try it on the front page? or just a page titled “home”? This shortcode works on any other page, however, when I format the layout of my theme to have the homepage content show on the front page, all content shows except for the uploader shortcode. Could this be an issue with the plugin? Am I making sense? The uploader shortcode works on any page EXCEPT the front page


@mmaccou – If it works on any page but your home page, your theme has a custom page template for the home page that isnt allowing it to work. Your theme guy can fix it.