Uploader on custom page doesnt work

I am trying to use the uploader shortcode on my custom page. It shows up and seem to work, but images doesnt show up in the media tab under profile nor can i seem to find the pictures on the server. I dont get any js errors. Acutally everything seems to work fine, but the images i upload just dont show up anywhere…

the code i use is:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_uploader context="profile" context_id="'.get_current_user_id().'"]');?>

i have checked get_current_user returnes the right value.

When i go into media under profile the uplaod feature works fine.

$user_id = get_current_user_id(); echo do_shortcode(’[rtmedia_uploader context=“profile” context_id="’.$user_id.’"]’);

this doesnt work either…

Were you able to figure out a solution to this problem? I’m having the same issue, where it looks like the media uploader is working on a custom page that I made, but when I upload an image, it does not show up on the media gallery on my profile. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

rtmedia thinks that u are uploading photo to other profile because context is profile and rtmedia prevents uploading that because it thinks that u are trying to upload to other profile. I dont know solution for this problem.

For anyone who is interested, I found a solution to this problem. I used the following shortcode:

[rtmedia_uploader context=“profile”]

Now when I upload pictures from the custom page that I made, the photo will appear in the media gallery section of my profile.

Hope this helps!