Uploader and gallery shortcodes not working

I’ve added these two shortcodes on a page of my website:

[rtmedia_uploader context="pippo" context_id="01" media_type="video"]  
[rtmedia_gallery global="false" context="pippo" context_id="01" media_type="video"]

The uploader works fine and, after uploading, the video shows up in the gallery but if you refresh the page the “Oops” message appears with no videos showing. At the same time no videos are showing in my BuddyPress profile under the media tab. Is there a way to have the video uploaded showing either in the gallery and in the media tab?

All the videos will be private so I want them to show only for the respective user.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Andrea,
I just checked the shortcode you gave on my end and is working fine. It shows video even if I refresh the page. Check with other plugins disabled and with default WordPress theme.

set context to profile to show them in BuddyPress profile under media tab.

this is what I see in profile > media tab after changing context to profile.

I’ve tried also with the default theme with the same result. No plugins other than Buddypress and RT Media are installed on the website.

You also need to change context_id to current user id.

How can I set user id if it’s costantly changing?

If I upload a video it will be 01 for example but if you upload a video it would be 02 ot am I wrong?


We added a plugin to the site but we getting an error related to the file upload and one more thing we are not using any shortcode on the site now. we use only default functionality. File upload button is not appear.

you can create a page template and render gallery shortcode using do_shortcode function. In that you can pass context_id as current user id.
Something like this,

$user_id = get_current_user_id();  
echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_uploader context="profile" context_id="'.$user_id.'"]');

please check rtMedia with other plugins disabled with WordPress default theme.

I’ve added the shortcode in page template as you suggested.

Unfortunately no videos are showing with the gallery shortcode (but now they’re visible in profile > media tab). I think the problem is the privacy of the video. Can I show videos with the shortcode even if they are private (each user should view the videos that has uploaded before)?

Hi @info11,

No that’s not possible. Only admin and media author can access private media.