'UPLOAD' slug in permalinks

Dear support,

We already talked about this before. The ‘upload’ slug in RT-media is used to upload new pictures. This ‘upload’ slug is used by the component JReviews as well to upload new media.

This SHOULD be changed, because both components are not compatible together. Once RT-media is activated, I am not able to upload media to JReviews.

And changing the ‘upload’ slug of JReviews is not possible, as it’s dynamically generated.

Please provide a fix or workaround for this, because my website is not functional with both plugins enabled.


Hi woekerzee,

I am sorry to say it is not possible for us to change it as many things depend on “upload” endpoint and it’s not possible for us to change this anytime soon. If you can solve it on your end than you are most welcome to submit the patch for it.

Hi Ritesh,

Thanks for the quick answer. I am talking with the developer of jReviews to take for this upload slug problem. As soon as there is a fix available, I will let you know.

Thank you.