Upload Not Working For .mp3


I realize that upload is not working on the latest release for rtmedia. It was working fine in 3.02 but it wasn’t deleting the media.

Now I’m wondering what was changed about the upload function which is preventing it from uploading .mp3’s now which was in 3.02. This has been an on going issues since buddypress media.

Currently the max for my upload is set on:
upload_max_filesize = 48M
post_max_size = 48M

Prior, I pointed out that it was plupload issue and was told that it was getting rewritten. I haven’t looked at the latest code.

Photos upload fine, just the other types of media isn’t.

Awaiting a reply.

Thank you kindly.


Reporting back. As previously stated photos work fine.
Tested a video file with H.264 codec, .mp4, it works fine.
Just .mp3’s are not uploading.

The mp3 processes like it is uploading but shows nothing afterwards. Is there a particular encoding the .mp3 should be for example lame, blade, etc?


@ZigZag i tested on my testing environment and its working fine. can you send me access of your site, so i can tell what exactly issue is.
you can mail me access on faishal.saiyed@rtcamp.com


Thank you for the quick response. I found out what the issue was, it was a migration issue. Didn’t know that it to be migrated after updating the plugin. I never saw the migration option :-/

The way I got to the migration window mistakenly was when I went to Appearance > Themes and behold I saw a box to migrate rtmedia.

After I migrated rtmedia, I decided to go check and see if I could upload audio – it did.

I thank you kindly. Hopefully what I found out will also help others who are not seeing the migration option. Thanks again Faishal.


I have another concern. When I turn on the AddOn for Audio/Video encoding, uploading works, but when I turn encoding off, the files are not uploading. So this leads me to believe migration wasn’t the only issue. Encoding was always on when I initiated the migration.

Since uploading doesn’t work when encoding is turned off, I would like to know does this a service have to be turned on in order for uploading to work?


Can you please confirm whether the images are not uploading or audio/video are not working?

For encoding: Its not creating any issue with media uploads. The only thing encoding service doing, converting different format of audio/video into mp4/mp3.
If you are uploading .avi, wmv or other format of videos, then it will not upload unless you can activate the encoding service. By default you can upload the mp4.

So, its not a problem with uploading.


Yes the uploading is working as stated in my previous reply.

However, I noticed that when uploading the formats of .mp3 or .mp4 with the encoding turned OFF the files are not being uploaded at all.

When the encoding services is turned ON the .mp3 and .mp4 files upload just fine. I have tested this on two different websites.

The files that are being uploaded are not in any other format, they are just .mp3 and H.264 codec .mp4 files.

I’m thinking the file which is checking for the encoding service may need to be rechecked for issues because it is strange that when it is turned on the (.mp3 and .mp4) files upload fine but when the encoding service is not on the (.mp3 and .mp4) files do not upload.

So again, the .mp3 and .mp4 files upload fine when the encoding service is turned on. When the encoding service is turned off the .mp3 or .mp4 files are not uploading. From what you are saying the files should upload as long as they are .mp3 or .mp4 with encoding off, but they are not being uploaded. The files only upload when encoding is on.


I am not sure why its not working for you. But I have cross check the same issue on our demo site, and I am able to upload mp3, mp4 by disabling the encoding service.
Have a look into the recent activity by admin http://demo.rtcamp.com/buddypress-media/members/admin/activity/ .

I will check again the same on some other test sites and will update you.