Upload: No way to choose album name

Hi, would like to use your system as a foundation for media on our community sites... Install went well but when uploading, it "shows" the album name textbox breifly, then it disappears when the drag and drop ajax form loads... any ideas... otherwise all works well

Would obviously like the ability to change album names, rename images, re organise photos with ajax etc... but I know you are working on it.

Have been using BP Gallery till now, which works well too... as in has image reorganisatiom, album rename etc... album decsriptions... but will wait for you to build in these feautures.

What i will try and do with your help, if u want, is to intergrate BP PhotoTag with your plugin, I have it working on my site, and it works well.



About the Album name textbox, that box is currently provided for the jQuery UI to ask the user when he/she uploads multiple media files. In our next major release(2.3) we’re restructuring the Upload page and making the drop box smaller and will provide better interface for adding Albums from there.
Also, we’re planning to add comment support on Albums as well, also the editing of title and description.

About tagging, it will be there but not in the next month I must say.

Hi Gagan… thank you for the prompt reply… thats good news… the reason me mentioning the tagging feature is i need to make a dev call, to get my developers working on either integrating bp photo+tag with one of 3 systems before march 2013… either BP Gallery, your system or add album functionality to photo+tag itself…

I was hoping, to see what your plans are for tagging, and if so, how far are you down that road, as I am paying dev’s to do this, and am happy to work collaboratively, if off course you are interested


This is Rahul from BuddyPress-Media team. :slight_smile:

Glad to see your interest in tagging feature. We have plans to implement it before March 2013. Most likely, it will be provided as premium add-on (as per current plan).

We have plan to combine tagging with face-recognition algorithms so that tagging will be fun and easy for an end-user.

By the was as this is in planning stage only, if you (or your team) wish to implement it as free or premium add-on we can distribute/promote it through BuddyPress-Media base platform.

Please drop me an email to [email protected] for more details. I think we can team up on this. :slight_smile:

Hi @gregmc,

The first version of the tagging addon has been released recently. Kindly check it out.