Upload more than one at a time

I have the bbpress attachment add on. However, a user cannot upload more than one file at a time. Can this be changed? In order to upload another file one must edit the post then upload another. But, when you edit the post, you don’t even see the original file that was uploaded.


Hi @jtorral

We have designed bbPress attachment add-on to allow uploading more than one file, I just crossed check it at my end and on our demo site.

As you already have purchased the premium add-on, I suggest you to use premium support. Please give your site link and admin login details while creating premium support ticket so that we can check the issue.



Since the form does not give any information about uploading more than one file at a time, I modified RTMediaBBPressMedia.php and added

Select multiple files to upload more than one.

Right after

< p class=“bbp-attachments-form” >

At least now a user can see that they can select more than one file.