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Dear support,

  1. I need some assistance with the following issue. Regarding the upload limits (has been set to 5 lifetime limits per user). If a user delete an image, his allowance to upload one more picture, has been disabled. I would like to set a maximum uploads of 5 images per user. Would this be possible?

  2. And is there a feature where admins could manage all the image uploads in the backend?

  3. How am I able to rename the ‘media’ tab to something else within Buddypress?

Thank you

Hi @woekerzee,

Find my answers to your question below.

  1. So, you are saying that after deleting single media, even user is allow to upload one more media, he is not able to upload media, right?? That’s strange. I had checked it at my end with the same scenario and is working fine. Try refreshing the page after deleting media and check again.

  2. No there isn’t any page in backend where admin can manage media.

  3. Add this line define ( ‘RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL’, ‘media_label_here’ ); in your site’s wp-config.php file and define your media label there. Check this page -> https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/rtmedia-defined-constants/ for more information on defined constants.

  1. I have added the line to my wp-config.php file - but it’s not working.

That’s strange. I rechecked it on my setup and is working fine. Can you give me the line you had put in wp-config.php file?

Sure thing:

define ( ‘RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL’, ‘Gear Photos’ );

result: http://prntscr.com/41cxnn

I just cross check it on my setup and is working fine. You can check attached image.
Make sure you had put it in correct wp-config.php file.

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Hi @woekerzee,

Yes, the implementation is correct but what I am saying is, is this the correct wp-config.php file that is being load? Besides, can you first check it with WordPress default theme?

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Hi woekerzee,

Apologies for late reply. Is your issue resolved? If not, can you send me SSH credentials to ritesh.patel@rtcamp.com so that I can check the issue myself.

Hello Ritesh,

Not sure why you will need SSH credentials? And do you want me to continue the conversation regarding the bugs by email or by forum?

I asked for SSH credentials because on our end define ( ‘RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL’, ‘Gear Photos’ ); is working fine whereas on your site it isn’t. So, I need to check it on your site, why it is not working and that’s why I asked for SSH credentials.

Now, why I want the conversation over the mail is because you don’t want to disclose your SSH credentials to public, right??

I hope you got my point.