Upload error


I guys, thats my problem:
when im try to upload an image get this message:
error -200 message: http error., file: name.jpg


noone can help me ?


Hi best84,

This error is generated by plupload when the file is sent to the server but there’s an error on the server. However, it doesn’t tell us what is specifically wrong with the server.

Could you check the sites error log and see if something’s being logged there?



cant check it :( i hope in the new version on this plugin!


new version not solve the problem... some1 with my same error -200 can help me!



Like I mentioned earlier. This error actually doesn't say exactly what went wrong. It just says that something went wrong on the server. It could send files to the server, but the server threw some error.

The only way to find out what exactly went wrong and fix it is by looking at the server's error log. This is not specific to BuddyPress Media plugin. So, an update will not fix the error. Could you contact your hosting manager/provider and ask for the error log and let us know?