Upload button not working with IE, Also taking over Activity Plus area

HI I am developing a buddypress site and attempting to use the Buddypress Media plugin which was recommended by the theme developer. We’re running into a few issues

  1. My partner uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (bleh), he says nothing is working on the upload page, it just blinks and has no actions. See here:

  2. In the activity area, the buddypress media is taking over the media option from Buddypress Activity Plus, we’d like to see if we can unhook that feature. Please see image here:

I’ve tried with the all the unnecessary plugins off and the 2012 theme, still isn’t working for us well in Internet Explorer

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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  1. We need to fix IE browser issue. Hopefully it will be release soon.
  2. You need to deactivate Activity Plus plugin, we do not have any hook for both the plugins to work together.