Upload button doesn't work (theme related)

Hi, impressed with the possibilities of your plugin I ran into a problem: wanted to upload some images. I can select or drag them. When I click on the upload button the screen moves the upload area away and nothing happens. When I use the default twenty fourteen theme the button works and starts uploading. So, theme related but what can I do ? WP 3.8.2 / Buddypress 1.9.2 / rtMedia 3.6.11 Thanks for pointing me in the good direction, Leendert

Update: there is an upload button but it's set to hidden. I can see it in the source code and I am able to push the button on the page (although I don't see it).

I purchased the incorrect product. I was trying to purchase the rt media photo tagging plugin and I accidentally purchased the rt media pro. Please help me get a credit so that I may purchase the right item. Thanks I can be reached at 917-574-3021

@leendert, Which theme you are using?

@Cynthia, one of our team member had replied you via mail. Don't worry, your issue will be resolved.

Hi, I use dreame as my theme. It must be a javascript conflict somewhere.

Hi Leendert,

Sorry to say but it is theme issue as it works properly with WordPress default theme without any issue. Try contacting theme developers. What's their thoughts regarding this?

Hi Ritesh, yes thats what I thought in the first place. The theme devoloper will say the same as you do: everything works on my side, it must be something in the plugin. Haha. I love your plugin and the possibilities but now I am unable to use it. I will try to find out what is happening. And when I do You would like to know :-) Thanks and keep up the good work!

Any solution on this?
I have the same issue.
The Attach File button doesn’t work in IE 8+
When clicked nothing happens :frowning:

Firefox, Chorme etc. work great.

Hi Fabian,

Yes, rtMedia has IE issues. It will be resolve in near future.

Is there already an “about” date?

rtMedia works perfectly fine with IE10. It has issues with activity attachment in IE9, other than that it works nice with IE9 also.

P.S. We only provide support to latest version of IE.