Upgrading to V4 with php 7.3

Hi There,

I am on ee V3.8.1 with php 7.0 and want to upgrade ee to V4 with php 7.3 support.

Anything I need to know before running ee upgrade? I have multiple websites and I don’t want them to crash.

Many thanks.

I read the instruction (https://easyengine.io/handbook/v3-to-v4-migration/script/) and want to migrate my websites to a new server.

Question 1 : Once the websites are transferred to my new server, how do I visualize them ? do I need to change my host file on my local computer?

Question 2: Has anyone done the switch from v3 to v4 or am I the first one?

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i am the same situation my friend…

I finally decided to use another script (using webinoly). Transition was actually easy. Didn’t want to go from python (v3) to php (v4) on my old server and deal with endless updates so did everything from scratch. Now my server is super fast and I have no compatibility issues.

Do you have the tutorial ?

Well no need for a tutorial. You get a new vps (got an ubuntu 19.04) and follow instructions to install webinoly. Then you install each site and migrate your database. Since your Nginx config will be different then Easyengine you need to install WP first (with webinoly) and migrate the database for each website.

Thanks my friend