Upgrading to Debian Stretch 9


what is the status easyengine with regards to upgrading my server to debian stretch?

is it safe to upgrade? will easyengine still work?



AFAIK, EasyEngine is not ready for Stretch yet.

still no word on moving to stretch?

not yet

what are the difficulties with moving to stretch?

Looks like EE development has become stagnant for a long while so I don’t expect support for Debian 9 in the near future. I had to build my stack from scratch in Stretch. Good the long run as you can tweak performance further than is currently offered by default EE installation. I’ve seen better TTFB with my current setup.

Is there a guide or tutorial on setting and tweaking such setups? I’ve been waiting for v4 but like you said, development seems to be stagnant and some of the components are dated.

Just refer to many of the good LEMP stack tutorials. I prefer to build nginx from source and apply optimizations where possible like brotli compression, modsecurity, cloudflare patches during compile. Of course it’s not as convenient as what EE script does but I think the extra effort is worth it, considering the control and performance achieved. I hope EE v4 development has not been abandoned.