Upgrading Redis server, how?


EasyEngine is using Redis server v. 3.0.7, it seems the latest stable now is 3.2.5. It has many security upgrades alone. I found a guide how to install it, but most certainly EE needs custom configuring, I assume?


If you are using Ubuntu, you have to install it from the source, the documentation is available at redis.io. For debian that’s easier because the last redis release is available with the dotdeb.org repository.


Thanks for replying! So basically I should switch to Debian.


If you want to use the lastest version of redis without having to compile the sources each time, yes


I will use Debian from now on, but if someone is having the same issue, here is something worth to look:

https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/redis - v. 2:3.2.1-1 (2016-10-18)

https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/ubuntu/redis-server 3:3.0.7-1chl1~xenial (2016-03-05)

Official has newer version. So shouldn’t EE use official repo instead of Chris-Lea’s?

If yes, how can I manually change back to official repo instead of using Chris-Lea’s repo?


It seems there are only unstable release in the official repo. If you don’t want to change the repo configuration, you can download the .deb directly and install it using dpkg -i redis.deb