Upgraded from EE4 Beta, Sites Aree Online, But Can't Find Any Files or Directories

I set up two sites in EasyEngine 4 Beta last month. I updated this to EE 4.0.6, now I can’t find any files, and ‘ee site list’ returns no sites! All sites are online, live and working fine. But can’t find the files or folder, none of the EE commands shows any trace of the sites.

How could this happen? I have searched the forum, it’s not permission issue. I double/triple checked by CLI as well.

Hey there,

Ideally, you should install EE4 on a fresh server, as the EE4-Beta was strictly labelled as not ready for production use. You can find your site’s files at /opt/easyengine/sites/yoursite.com/app/htdocs/ where yoursite.com can be replaced with the site you’re looking for.

However, best practice would be at this point to create a new server, install EE4 and migrate your old websites to the new server and then nuke the EE4-Beta server.

That’s the cranky part, nothing exists in /opt/easyengine/sites/, not in ssh, not in sFTP. And as I stressed in my post, EE shows no site is hosted, while the site is running mysteriously.

Maybe try the actual Docker volumes (assuming the symlink isn’t working) located at /var/lib/docker/volumes/ and the actual files that are supposed to be in /var/lib/docker/volumes/yoursitecom_htdocs/_data

You should find your files there.

There is nothing like this in docker, only ‘metadata.db’ is there.

@Asif2BD the site’s files are most likely present in ~/ee-sites folder in the beta version.

EasyEngine update from beta to stable was not supported as there were multiple breaking changes while beta’s were being released.

EE commands shows any trace of the sites

EasyEngine update with proper site migrations was introduced from rc release. As the EasyEngine db structure has also changed significantly now than what was there in the older beta’s. The current EE version is unable to recognize and read your data resulting into this issue.

It would be best if you mail to ee@rtcamp.com for more support on how to restore your data and get your setup working with the latest stable version.

I can’t find ~/ee-sites.

And your logic seems most logical. I have already mailed them. Thanks for your input!