Upgrade|Update to PHP 7.3 V4

Hello Everyone

It would be great if we could update from php7.2 to php7.3.

Are there any tutorials or methods to do this in V4?

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i need answer to this question

You will need to make a backup of your site and restore in to a new setup using the latest version passing the command to create the new site w/ PHP 7.3.
ee site create example.com --type=wp --php=7.3

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Thank you for letting me know. I did not know there was an update. However backing up and restoring a site is a big deal. So there is no “update” to 7.3?

Why there isn’t a simple update to PHP7.3? Does it means every PHP version will require a site migration? It seems it not an Easy engine anymore :frowning:

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Sadly no, Easy Engine at this point in time is not so easy. You are correct.

I’m using WordOps since EEv3 to EEv4 was really hard to get working. I keep following EEv4 since I’m a big fan and used EE for a while, for that I’m really thankful for the contributors. That said, I feel everything got really complicated with EEv4, and it doesn’t seems a stable engine for production.

I’m so happy WordOps kept the workflow of EEv3, and now it’s even better than just an upgrade I’d say.

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Before I moved to EEv4 I played with WordOps but could not get it to work correctly.

Have not tested it recently. How is the performance of WordOps compared to EEv4?

I find that EEv4 is incredibly quick.

Well, when I tested I couldn’t get EEv4 working properly with PHP7.3 so WordOps was surely faster.

Now PHP7.3 just arrived on v4 (which is late imo). I still can’t imagine how a server with multiple sites could be slower on WordOps compared to the docker approach on EEv4 (each one with his own instances). Maybe I lack some knowledge but WordOps is working very well on my servers.

I really thought that the dockers would be a problem for performance. But it really isn’t. Its the opposite. EEv4 vs EEv3. EEv4 is sooooo much quicker. I must test wordops again.

Ok so I really lack in knowledge about the docker approach. I’ll also try to setup a performance test.

Even the WP health check recommends that we upgrade PHP + some modules are missing.

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