Updating to PHP 7.2 errors


When I attempt to update to php 7.4 I get the following error.

usage: ee (sub-commands …) [options …] {arguments …}
ee: error: argument --php: ignored explicit argument ‘7.4’

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I don’t know much about this. I will search for this and will post my answer here.

We have added support for this in latest EE version 4.0.15
Check if you have latest version.
command to install latest version ee cli update
after that use ee site update example.com --php=7.4

When I try and update I get the following

usage: ee (sub-commands …) [options …] {arguments …}
ee: error: unrecognized arguments: cli update

Bump for an answer :slight_smile:

No answers? hmmm