Updating sites to redis cache

Hi there,

Is it possible to update a site from --wpfc to --wpredis with the command: sudo ee site update savvysites.co.za --wpfc --wpredis?

We get an error message: Please provide valid options combination for site update

If not, how would we gou about doing this?

Regards Francois Wessels


You just need to provide options to which you have to upgrade.

so to update to wpredis use

ee site update savvysites.co.za --wpredis

You basically want to do:

sudo ee site update savvysites.co.za --wpredis

Hey guys,

Sorry, my mistake. Used the command as suggested and it worked flawlessly.

Cheers franwess

I am having a similar issue updating a base --wp to --wpredis.

ee site update mydomain.com --wpredis can not update wp wpredis to wp wpredis

I believe the command is correct but it will not update to the redis option. any ideas?

EE says the site is wpredis alredy.

What’s the output for ee site info domain.com?

it could not have been ready with wpredis as I had purged the redis stack… I reinstalled the redis stack and still the same issue.

oddly it says that it is wp wpredis, but I always setup with --wp --php7 as the only flags, never setup with wpredis as many are on small memory machines.

I’d try:

ee site update domain.com --wp
ee site update domain.com --wpredis