Updating PHP 7.3

My sites are currently running on php 7.3.1. How do I update it to 7.3.7?

Thank you…

EE is dead. You can’t update PHP with EE.

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Their last blog post was 4 days ago for an update. I’d hardly describe that as dead

It would be nice if they updated the docker images though!

You could try rolling your own using the 7.2 image as a template:

Then head into the site’s root here:
and add a docker-compose.override.yml with the new image.
(use override because ee will sometimes rebuild the config, and the override will be kept)

Then rebuild your containers with docker-compose up --no-start and restart them with ee site restart

Definitely take a backup before, its remarkably easy to stuff up container configs

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Thanks for replying. I never played around with docker. Can you please elaborate the process whenever you have time?
Thanks again :blush: