Updated WP admin password

Hello, I am trying to reset my admin password for a wordpress site, which I have been able to do before with this command. However, it seems it longer works.

ee site update example.com --password

Error: ‘update’ is not a registered subcommand of ‘site’. See ‘ee help site’ fo.

(using example.com for reference)

Did something change or do I need to use another command?

Hello @bsraer,
your command is correct. What version of ee are your running on your server ?

I was running v3, but I think after an upgrade now I am running v4 actually after some more troubleshooting. I have tried to deploy an new server using v3 and reinstall my backups of the WP install, however still running into the same issue. Is there a command in v4 to update the site password as in v3?


you can update admin password using wp-cli if needed.
To do so, go into the root folder of your website :

cd /var/www/yourdomain.tld/htdocs

Then use the command :

wp user update your_admin_user --user_pass='your_new_password'

You can do it by going into the shell of website and running wp-cli command -

ee shell example.com
wp user update your_admin_user --user_pass='your_new_password'

@bsraer you’re running EasyEngine v4. Checkout the shell-command: https://easyengine.io/commands/shell/ which helps in running wp-cli commands inside the PHP container of your site.

You can use it as mentioned above by @kirtan