Updated to rtMedia. Now I cant access to my photos and albums


Thanks for such great plugin. I havent had any issues until I migrated to rtMedia. Lets get this fixed :slight_smile:

Here is my issue:

I migrated almost 14000 elements. And It took 3 days.
I have 2 dedicated servers, with 8 cores each with 32MB ram each.

Anyway, the migration just finished an hour ago.

Now, i can upload photos from the buddypress activity page, and that is cool.

But, now I cant access to any of the albums or photos that I had before.

So, in the user menu, the reference to media is:


And, it takes me to an error page.

I made sure to configure the plugin in the backend, enabling photos albums, comments, etc.

And enabled buddypress integration, in profile, group, and activity.

My developer checked and he said he has no clue what is going on :slight_smile:

3 days have past since my users have been blocked of uploading media files. And They are getting a little anxious.

I have over 1200 active users, so your urgent help would be appreciated.

Could you guys jump in and help? :slight_smile:

Excited to see this new plugin working!

My skype: leitoarias

Looking forward for your help.



I have asked Faishal, lead developer on rtMedia, to add you on his Skype directly. He will be in touch with you shortly. Please accept Skype add request from him.

I feel sorry to hear it took 3 days for migration but it duration is directly proportional to amount of data involved.

How many media uploads do you have on server?

Main bottleneck is disk I/O

This site (rtcamp.com) has 5GB data for approx 2000 media files and it took 6 hours to complete migration script.

We have 32GB RAM and 32-core AMD CPU here. I think had we using SSD’s, thing would have been 2-3 times faster.

We in fact thought about using parallel processing for migration script, but all processes would have still blocked on disk I/O. So having more CPU power cannot help for this problem.

Anyway, feel free to discuss your rtMedia issues with Faishal.

Excelent. Thanks Rahul. Looking forward to Skype chat with Faishal. Thanks for your support.

I will keep this post open until I my problem is fixed so I can share the solution here for other users.

@leitoarias i already sent you skype invitation and its still pending.

my skype id is faishal.saiyed.rtcamp

Just want to share my experience with rtCamp support:

I had an issue after migrating to rtMedia, and Rahul immediately referred me to Faishal. We got in touch via Skype, and shared my site info to get it all fixed.

I wake up today, and the problem has been solved.

And, the plugin is free.

Guys, I am blown away. Thanks for your commitment to your users.
And, I am about to become a customer for custom development :smiley:

You guys rock!


Dear rtCamp

I have the same problem. My first installation went fine, but with the second I have the problem described above, where I cannot access the /members/[user]/media folder. I cannot upload fotos to the activity stream neither. I gets stuck at 0%. One notable thing: I installed Wordpress in a subfolder www.domain.com/social/

What can I do?

Found the problem. My nginx reverse proxy ate a / :slight_smile:
So it would redirect to /socialmembers/… instead of /social/members

Thanks letting us know, the issues has been resolved.
Closing this topic now.