UPDATE to 3.0.2 Lightbox still show only landscape

okay, the update 3.0.2 is better BUT

The Lightbox Problem is still there : NO portrait only landscape !!!

franksenftleben, i have that too. and so do many others... :(

Yes that´s not fine :(

The only way at this time is: put the settings in the wordpress media settings for the largest image size set to 600 x 520 BUT THATS IT´S NOT WHAT I WANT

Please RTMEDIA !!!! We would like have a lightbox like before in the 2.6.1 !!!!!


Please update the rtMedia, we have release new version 3.0.4, with it we have fixed some issues related to image sizes.


FYI @franksenftleben - photos are displaying beautifully in 3.0.4. Landscape and portrait, and reflect the sizes set up within the plugin itself.

@interglobalmedia Thank you very much for confirming. :slight_smile:

If there is any issue, still present on your site, please create a new thread. We are planning to release another update in a day or two which will take care of few more things.

Actually, the portrait displays full size, but now the landscape still displays smaller size than actual, by almost half.


Can you share link to the page with an issue? We are aware of a case which returns unexpected output but I need to reconfirm if your is the same case.

For me, Update 3.0.4 Lightbox seams ready - portrait and landscape is nice.

One thing - would be nice when you give the lightbox on the top and bottom a boarder in the size like on the left side - looks much nicer

For me, with the 3.0.4 update, it seems to have fixed the resize issue for images already within the site. However, when I upload new images the problem is still there… Can someone else please confirm this issue or if I am the only one having it?

For me, works still too with new uploaded pictures - try to deaktiv und aktiv again the plugin and save the options new