Update site to add cache with EE4 install

So I created a site using the RC1 EE4 installer and forgot to add in the --cache flag.

I know with EE3, there was a way for me to switch cache options, enable/disable SSL, etc. does anyone know if this has been added to EE4 so that I can do something like

or something?

I know it’s early and all the tools aren’t expected to be in place, but I was just curious if anyone was aware of a way to add cache to an EE4 install when I forgot to upon creation.


@Endda Actually update subcommand is yet to be added in v4. There are couple of WIP PRs for it. We’ll try to ship it in an RC or 4.0 if possible, otherwise you might have to wait for it till next release.

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I do see that they released EE4 RC2, but I didn’t see anything in the changelog that says they added this feature.

@kirtan says they may not even get to add this feature in the final version of EE4. So yea, the issue still exists, but it was a test site (due to it being RC1 when I made the site) so I just trashed it

I hope they get EE4 documentation up quick because I keep wanting to test it on new sites and have to go through a ton of pages just to find the correct syntax for things like let’s encrypt, user/pass presets, etc (I am too dumb to bookmark the page)

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